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lots o’ SALE items!

Just a quick post here to say I have a mess of items on SALE! Earrings, pouches, a couple bags and yarn! Also, I’ll be adding some new things to the shop this week (maybe some more sale items too), so check back for updates…

A few things on sale:

SALE - MOON - Handspun Yarn - 4 oz.
SALE - Felted Ball Earrings - Purple/Turquoise on Long Chain
SALE - Medium Pouch - Printed Green Weave on Gray
Free Shipping, yo…

I should have mentioned this last week, but I am offering FREE shipping on all items in the shop (even multiple items) until December 31st!  I might even extend it!  Hoo doggies! 

And stay tuned next year for some new items… ooooo… aaahhhh…

Happy Holidays, my lovelies!

New things

I guess I should tell you I have a ton of things in the shop currently.  Lots of pouches, as well as handspun yarn, earrings and tea towels!  Yes, that’s right, towels… here’s a peek.

Printed Tea Towel - Green Weave on White

New yarns…

and lots of pouches!